About Us

About us

Cinema TV is a 24x7 Hindi Movie channel that caters directly from a city viewer to the remote village viewer. We as television viewers likes to watch TV in the living room but a huge mass still watches it on Nukkad and chaupals, where the TV shop still plays 'Sholay' while serving the hot tea. Our aim is to show the blockbusters of not only of today's era but also of the yesteryears. Films like Gopi of Dilip Kumar or Wardat of Mithun Chakraborty and even Dil Chahta Hai of today's generation makes a unique cusp of good film bank on the channel.

Satellite: IS-10 Downlink Frequency: 3790.00 MHz Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 7.2 Msps FEC-3/4 Technology --- MPEG-4/DVB-S2

Video PID: 101(HEX) Audio PID: 102(HEX)

For further details write to us info@cinematv.in